Russell helped me lose 35 kilos in 12 months. People I knew didn't recognise me walking down the street and I didn't recognise myself looking in the mirror. I feel great and look even better

Stewart Rose, Formerly of Collins St Hobart now of Canberra ACT.

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Do I have to work out every day to get fit?

Thats a difficult one.  It depends on how intense your exercise sessions are.  if you are working out really hard then you might need a rest day or at least an active rest day between sessions but if your workouts fall into the low-med. intensity then to get the best results you would need to work out at least 5 days per week with 1 day of active recovery ( eg. short brisk walk, gardening etc.) and 1 day off per week.  Which days you exercise and which days are easy depends on your schedule but remember, the key to a helathy, fit, toned body is  to be consistant.  Doing some group personal training is a fun and inexpensive way to maximise the benefits of your workouts.


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