I'd recommend Russell to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or lose weight. Russell has an innate ability to know exactly how far to push you to get results without doing any damage to aging bodies. At 50 I'm fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been for the past 20 years.

Deb, Kingston

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How much protein do I need to eat daily

It depends on a number of factors but you could work on approx 1.0 gm per kg of bodyweight if you have a sedentary job and do light exercise up to 2.0 gm of protein per Kg of bodyweight or even a little more if you are an athlete or a body builder.  So an athlete weighing 90kg would require approx 180 gms of protein per day.  A chicken breast weighing 200gms has aporox 60 gms of protein. To increase muscle, getting enough calories is as important as getting enough protein.  


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