I lost almost 18 kilos training with Russell in a very short period of time. I had struggled to find the motivation and made all sorts of excuses before training with him. Russell has a knack for knowing how to keep me motivated. Sure there are times I stray off the rails, but those times are getting less and less and Russell soon gets me back on track

Jeannie Hodge, Sandy Bay

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How much protein do I need to eat daily

It depends on a number of factors but you could work on approx 1.0 gm per kg of bodyweight if you have a sedentary job and do light exercise up to 2.0 gm of protein per Kg of bodyweight or even a little more if you are an athlete or a body builder.  So an athlete weighing 90kg would require approx 180 gms of protein per day.  A chicken breast weighing 200gms has aporox 60 gms of protein. To increase muscle, getting enough calories is as important as getting enough protein.  


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