I like Russell’s style, not too pushy or demanding. He makes you think that doing 20 push ups or squats was your own idea in the first place and before you know it you’ve done a few more reps just to show him who’s boss

Marie Louise, West Hobart

Ultra Lite Program

Follow these tips and tricks to get you up and moving this month!


1. Grab a friend

It is always a good idea to include a friend in your exercise regime, that way, you can motivate each other, you don’t realise just how far you’ve walked/jogged, and it’s a good time to catch-up on the day’s events

2. Leave the house

If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, just leave the house. Once you’ve started walking, you often find the motivation to keep on going

3. Enjoy some alone time

If you can’t find a friend to exercise with, don’t use this as an excuse – download some audio books or some of your favourite upbeat music onto your iPod and enjoy some alone time

4. Try a new sport

If you try a new sport and aren’t very good, don’t give up, try harder! If you don’t like a new sport, try something else. P.S Not liking a sport because you’re not very good at it straight away is not a good enough reason to quit

5. Set some goals

Remember your goals and work out with friends who have similar goals so you can motivate each other.

6. Exercise isn't a chore!

Incorporate these activities into your everyday chores. Walk to the supermarket with a friend. This will also help prevent the temptation of those extra snacks as you’ll have to carry them home too! Make sure the weight of your groceries are evenly distributed in each hand though, and make sure you’re not buying too much too carry.

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