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How to stay slim during the party season a 6 pack of helpful hints


The Christmas party season is almost in full swing and who doesn’t love a party but unless you want to be like everybody else and stack on an extra 2 kgs (that’s the average weight gain over the season) then you had better have a plan. In this newsletter I am going to share some secrets with you that will enable you have a great time but not put on an ounce. You don’t want to be asked to play Father Christmas at next year’s work Christmas party.

1. Never go to a party hungry.

This is a classic mistake that so many people make. Have something light to eat beforehand to prevent you eating excess canapés. Grab a chicken sandwich, or have a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts, or a little cheese on a couple of wholemeal crackers just before you leave your home or office. Then, limit yourself to two or three of your favourite and most filling canapés.

2. Don’t go to the party too early.

It’s a fine balance - you don’t want to appear rude but remember the longer you are at a party the more you will eat and drink. If you are having a great time and the party is really buzzing, you can always stay a little longer.

3. Try not to drink too much.

Go for quality, not quantity – think one or two cocktails or one or two glasses of wine; sip your drink slowly; and really taste and enjoy it. Follow the classic "one for one" rule and alternate alcohol with water, that way you will stay hydrated and avoid the dreaded morning after hang over which can really spoil a great night out. Remember a standard drink has approx.80 cals so if you have three or four drinks that’s over 300 cals = 1hour walking on the treadmill just to burn those calories off.

4. Compensate.

If you are going to party and really indulge yourself then eat less during the day to make up for it, or add an extra workout the following day to burn off those extra calories (that’s if you can make it out of bed).

5. Move your body.

If there’s dancing at the party get up and shake your booty. An hour of dancing can burn up to 500 cals an hour and even more if you are really energetic. It’s also great fun and a brilliant ice breaker. Just try not to step on any ones toes, especially the bosses!

6. Feel human in the morning (but still have fun).

Parties can be lots of fun so enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. If you have gone a little overboard, when you eventually get home, gulp down a few glasses of water and swallow a good vit. B complex and some vit. C before you stagger to bed. When you wake up, have eggs (they're packed with an amino acid that mops up toxins); cheese (the protein will make you feel better); and fruit juice (fructose helps the body process alcohol faster). It has worked for me over the years!!

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