I lost almost 20 kilos on Russell’s weight loss program. The program switches you from sugar burning to fat burning and your fat seems to just melt off. Russell helped me lose so much weight and completely changed my body shape, giving me the confidence to finally join the gym. Thanks to Russell and the Ultralite Weight Management Program I feel like a totally different person

Adam Russell, Lenah Valley

Exercise and Diet Tips

Exercise and Diet Tips

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off28-Nov-2012

So you need to lose some weight. Of course we are talking specifically about body fat and maybe you would like to lose 5-10 kg to feel really fit and helathy. You probably have a time..

A six pack of activities that don't feel like exercise15-Nov-2012

1. Take a ride to MONA What better way to spend a morning than taking a ride along the bike track from Sullivan’s Cove in Hobart to The Museum of Old and New Art in Berridale. Here you can t..

Controlling cortisol levels15-Nov-2012

Getting cortisol under control As cortisol is a "stress hormone", controlling stress is the ideal way to start. There are a number of ways you can do this. 1. Regular Exercise Exercise each ..

Follow these tips and tricks to get you up and moving this month!15-Nov-2012

1. Grab a friend It is always a good idea to include a friend in your exercise regime, that way, you can motivate each other, you don’t realise just how far you’ve walked/jogged, and i..

Healthy Christmas feast options15-Nov-2012

As Christmas approaches it is easy to relax and forget about weight-loss goals and fitness regimes. After all we are not saints and everyone should be able to enjoy themselves over the holiday sea..

How much sleep do you need?15-Nov-2012

Should you be getting more sleep? You only need to jump on Google to see the many myths about optimal sleep time, too little and you can be more susceptible to weight gain, disease and lower life ..

How to enjoy chocolate and stay in shape15-Nov-2012

For all the chocolate lovers... The evidence championing the health benefits of chocolate keeps piling up, recently researchers have discovered that dark chocolate and natural cocoa contains more ..

How to stay slim during the party season a 6 pack of helpful hints15-Nov-2012

The Christmas party season is almost in full swing and who doesn’t love a party but unless you want to be like everybody else and stack on an extra 2 kgs (that’s the average weight gai..

How to still feel energetic at the end of the day15-Nov-2012

Maximise your day Who of you regularly feel that putting on the sports gear after work and doing some exercise is a major chore? Yes at times this may be because you've had a bad day, would rather..

Kick start your metabolism with these yummy recipes15-Nov-2012

Breakfast – Beans on Toast It’s the most important meal of the day so why not make it the best! To keep control of the sugar content it’s always a good idea to make your own bake..

Top 5 Hobart Walks15-Nov-2012

Enjoy Hobart from a new perspective Now is a great time to get out and about on weekends. The weather is warmer, the sun is shining and there is nothing more invigorating than a Saturday morning w..

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