I'd recommend Russell to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or lose weight. Russell has an innate ability to know exactly how far to push you to get results without doing any damage to aging bodies. At 50 I'm fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been for the past 20 years.

Deb, Kingston

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Personal training to suit your needs

Losing weight and getting in shape is a daunting task. It’s something we all talk about doing, the source of millions of New Year’s resolutions, soup diets and all-in-one fitness machines. Sound familiar?

It is common knowledge that adding a bit of exercise into your life will make you look and feel a whole lot better. The hard part is working out where to start, finding the motivation and sticking to your goals.

At A Better Body Sooner we have personal training options to suit every need: one-on-one for undivided, personalised workouts, group personal training so you can socialise and get fit all in one, corporate lunch fitness sessions for a quick and powerful 45 minute workout and specialised athletic training for serious athletes.

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Maximise results

Our training methods are designed specifically to take fat burning to the next level by boosting your metabolism through diet and exercising specifically to maximise your workout results while minimising the impact of exercise on your lifestyle. You may only need to work out with Russell twice a week to get great results with his tailored interval training programs.

Working with a personal trainer is not as scary as you think! We are trained to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your time, sweat and money. Best of all, at A Better Body Sooner we strongly believe that you will not get your best results from slaving away in the gym day in and day out. We believe that exercise only contributes to 20-30% building a better body - the rest comes from the right nutrition.

Your own private gym

Hobart personal trainer Russell Evans hosts clients at his private, clean and professional gym where he and his team will work with you one-on-one to develop a routine that suits your needs and fits neatly into your life.

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Call Russell today on 0407 231 947 or email info@abetterbodysooner.com.au to make exercise a part of your lifestyle.